★MIDWEST US WEB HOSTING★Dual X5650 servers $30/month★IPMI Access

We have a dual X5650 server for $30/month with the following:

Dual Hex Core Xeon X5650

– 2x 6 Core X5650 (12 Cores, 24 Threads)


– 480GB SSD

– 2x300GB 10KRPM HDD

– 1 IPV4

– IPV6 Upon Request
– IPMI Access
Click to Order $30/month

Quarterly payment drops the price to $25/month, and semi-annual and annual payment drops the price to $20/month

You can click the link on this ad to order, or click this link to open a ticket for further inquiries.

Our servers are hosted in a data center in North Kansas City, MO which offers:

– 100% SLA

– N+1 Cooling

– 24/7 Support

– Fast Redundant Network

– DDoS Protection

– Standby Generators

A network speedtest link is available on request. Speeds are 1gbps upload/download.

If anyone else has the same hardware cheaper, let us know & we can price match that.

Also, more servers are on the way.

Thanks for considering us!