☑️NEW – 5 BORN [ 100$ ] Just Swap Listed Tokens Free No KYC. Instant Withdrawal | Proxies-free

Born is divided equally for all ids of the community. Each id joining the Born community will own 5 Born until the total reserve is divided out for the community. And for your instant more 10 Born Token every time must have minimum 20 refer.(Remember it must be valid refer)

1 Born 1000 Trx
join fast : https://t.me/Born_AirdropBot?start

➡️Refer your friends to earn 1 Born Token for each referral.
➡️Earn 10 Born Token Bonus instantly when you made 20 refferals. (Must be valid)

Symbol: Born
Token type: TRC20
Total Supply: 100000 Born
Member hold: 10000 bORN
Price: 1 Born 1000 Trx

Born Token / JustSwap : https://justswap.io/#/scan/detail/trx/TU7seNjLS8S9S7ycDQ5dAwADJMa3qqkTBu

Reffer your friends to get more Born Token and dont miss to get your 20 valid refer (10 Born) instantly Bonus in your wallet.

Refer Link : https://t.me/Born_AirdropBot?start

If you have minimum 3 valid referrals you will get your 3 Born Token instantly in your TronLink Wallet.Every time you need minimum 3 refer to get your Born Token. There is no limited option in our Airdrop. You can refer your friend unlimited and get unlimited Born Token untill our 100000 Born Token Distribution isn”t reached.
Keep Refferin , Happy Born Community.