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What are Bonus Ad Points(BAP)?
Bonus Ad Points is a points program we’ve designed to connect with our members to earn with us. BapMoney has Bonus Ad Points(BAP) system. BAP entitle you to receive Paid Ads! We sending Paid Ads in return of your BAP amount.
Note: For each $0.01 worth of Paid Ads you view, 20 BAP will deduct from your account.
How can I increase my BAP?
There are numerous ways to expand your BAP.
1. By viewing ads you can earn BAP (5 BAP each ad). Only for Level 0 members.
2. By buying Adpacks. The minimum purchase is $1 and we provide 3000 BAP and 2000 banner impressions. 3000 BAP is in a flash credited to your record, which implies $1.5 (3000 * $ 0.0005) worth of paid advertisement credited to your account. Every BAP is proportionate to $0.0005 worth of Paid Ads. What’s more, make sure to click on those “Paid Ads”.
3. By gaining Direct Referrals – You earn 200 BAP for every $1 deposit of your Referral. For example, if your referral deposits $100 through one of the available payment processors, you receive 100 x 200: a massive 20000 BAP.
How much BAP is equal to $1?
2000 BAP is equivalent to $1 worth of paid ads. 1 BAP is worth $0.0005. So, $1 / $0.0005 = 2000 BAP.