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Hello guys & girls!

My name is Christian & I’m the owner of the newly launched https://humblerewards.com/home.

For the past 1.5 years we’ve been designing, developing and coding the platform from scratch with user experience in mind to ensure a high standard and to provide an experience that does not look like all the others out there.

So what are we?
HumbleRewards.com is a GPT platform where you’ll be able to earn Humble Coins by participating in campaigns, surveys, trying apps, referring other users and so forth.

How can I cashout?
The collected Humble Coins can be converted to either eGift cards or a simple PayPal transfer.

When can I cashout?
Our minimum payout is 2000 Humble Coins through PayPal which is roughly 3$.

Who can join?
Unfortunately we’re not open globally but we do accept new users from 52 countries. Go to our register page and it’ll tell you right away if we can let you in. If you cannot sign up and really want to join, just shoot us an email and we’ll look into opening for signups for your country.

Do you really have any campaigns for us non-US users to do?
A short look into our database reveals that as of this date we have:
403 US campaigns
383 UK Campaigns
186 UAE Campaigns
229 CH Campaigns
145 ZA Campaigns
137 SE Campaigns
187 NL Campaigns
446 DE Campaigns
232 DK Campaigns
214 CA Campaigns
Plus a lot more for all the other countries. Actually, we currently have over 5000 active campaigns so there should be plenty to do.

What about referrals?
We reward you with 10% of all the Humble Coins collected from campaign completion that a user you have referred collects for the lifetime of the account. So if you’re good a referring people you could actually just sit back, relax and watch the coins build up on your account.

Where are the payment proofs?
To be honest we’re just launched and have yet to have the joy of paying a user. We are however a legal company registered in Denmark (info found here https://datacvr.virk.dk/data/index….e+rewards&type=Alle&language=en-gb&q=visenhed) which at least should buy us some credibility. Or at least we hope so.

We hope that you find us interesting enough to try is out and humbly welcome you with our open arms!

Kind regards,
Christian Klattrup
CEO @ HumbleRewards ApS