☑️NEW – Okex Exchange Airdrop $ 55 for New Users | Proxies-free


With 2 events organized by the Okex exchange, you can earn a total of $ 55, including $ 45 + $ 10.

The prizes for the $ 45 event are:
– It will be distributed within 1 week (between 15-22) for those who attend between 1-15 of the month.
– It will be distributed within 1 week (1-7 of the next month) for those who attend between 15-30 months.

Things to do for the Okex $ 45 event:

  1. Sign up from the sign up button on the promotion page: https://www.okex.com/promotion/QX5WXE/1941614
  2. Complete KYC 1
  3. For every task you do below you will earn the opposite number:

-Mission 1 – Rewarded $ 5 USDT
Deposit $ 50 or more tokens to earn the reward.

– Mission 2 – Rewarded $ 10 USDT
Trade in the spot market for $ 50 or more for 3 days to win the prize. (Get 24 hours between trades when you do spot trading for 3 days in a row)

-Mission 3 – Rewarded $ 10 USDT
Make your first trade with 10x leverage on the Futures / Swap market with $ 50 Balance to earn the reward.

-Mission 4 – Awarded $ 20 USDT
To earn the reward, trade on the Futures / Swap market for 3 days with a Balance of $ 50 or more with 10x leverage. (at least 24 hours between each transaction)

This way you can earn $ 45, you will get the reward for the above transaction, you don’t have to do all of them.
As I mentioned above, if you do the tasks until the 15th day of this month, your reward will be deposited in your account until the 22nd of the month. You will receive your rewards in the first week of the next month even if you do it after 15.

Note 1: You have to keep your money in the exchange for at least 4 days, after that you can withdraw.
Note 2: Please note that this event is only available for new users who have registered via the “register” button on the above promotion page.

Okex $ 10 Event
In addition, the exchange has $ 10 worth of activity for users who meet the following conditions. First, sign up from the button above, then:

  1. Complete KYC 2
  2. Buy cryptocurrency for over $ 100 with your credit card: https://www.okex.com/buy-crypto

When you do both, your $ 10 reward will be credited to your account within 24 hours.

Note 1: I recommend buying a cryptocurrency other than USDT, the USDT transaction fee is high
Note 2: There is a $ 4 commission deduction at the time of purchase.

In this way, you can earn 55 $ through 2 events, friends, you can ask your questions from the comments.