☑️NEW – Polkachain SelfDrop Earn 100$ for free | Proxies-free



Polkachain SelfDrop is ending tomorrow. It is limited to 100 polkachain per user. It is worth the risk the price will go up like PolkaDot, because the projects are created by the same people.
Currently the polkachain price is 0,2$ per token. Soon it will be around 40-50$ per token.

To receive the selfdrop send BNB according to how much PolkaChain you want to receive. Below is their pricing.

5 PolkaChain = 0,01288 BNB
10 Polkachain = 0,02596 BNB
50 PolkaChain = 0,1288 BNB
100 Polka Chain = 0,2596 BNB

Send BNB to this address:


No memo required.

I received my selfdrop in 10 hours.

Polkachain whitepaper: https://www.polkachain.tech/whitepaper