☑️NEW – Real Research Survey App Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT? | Proxies-free

The application is a survey application and new surveys are coming. You earn 5 – 10 TNC coins per survey you solve.
TNC coin is traded on about 15 exchanges, trading on coinmarketcap and you can exit the application at any time, at any min. there is no shooting limit.

The number of people opened in the application varies between 20,000 and 80,000.

It is necessary to do kyc tasks for more surveys to come.
(kyc process is definitely not identity verification, it is classic survey questions such as age, annual income, marital status.The more kyc you pass, the more surveys will come)

You will also earn 5 TNC ($ 0.5) per reference you bring.

Registration link: https://realresearch.page.link
(Click on the link above via phone, it will give an error when you click on the computer.)

Payment Proofs:
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