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Robotop Admin
Hello dear users of ROBOTOP !! If someone dont know.. We are the best platform of 2021 !! Some of you may notice in last 6 hours we had problems in our website . That is because some people war against us 1st. they report our first group as scam and we need to change and make new group 2nd they spread false rumours we are some other shit admins which is total lie 3rd today they start ddos-attack agains us but we defend as well This is strategy to make us weaker ,because NO ONE had best start of project than us ! Some other admins get scared because investors come to us, and not to them shit projects. That is why they start war against us. This admins cannot understand that TRUTH and Honest with users always WIN. We are here for you and to work together to help you to make profits with us. This email is because we want to be honest with you and you understand the situation, there is bad people our there who try to harm us in every possible way. BUT WE ARE STRONGER BECAUSE THE TRUTH AND RIGHT ARE WITH US. So, you can join with us ,BE HAPPY , make your deposits get your earnigs and makes PROFIT. Remember this : Together we are STRONG !! We are the best platform of 2021 !! Kind Regards Admin ROBOTOP

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