☑️NEW – Tesla-For-Doge.com SCAM or LEGIT? | Proxies-free

Are we looking for sites in the same places? Very often our interests overlap. Thanks for the link to the site. You forgot to indicate that the withdrawal fee is 6 DOGE.
As far as I understand, this site pays. Of course winning TESLA is not true. But at the same time, I already saw in several places that the site pays and people have already withdrawn funds at 50 – 2500 DOGE.
I looked at the site history, whois and other parameters:
1. The site uses an open type of entry (you enter only the address). This is both bad and good at the same time:
– The bad news is that anyone who knows the address of your wallet can enter there and do something (For example, buy tickets for the entire profit and open them).
– The good news is that you can withdraw funds from this site only to your wallet.

Having entered my wallet number – I found out that someone had already registered it. Most likely they took from my screenshots over the past 2 years. Therefore, I created a new wallet, which no one knows, and if I make screenshots, like everyone else, I will gloss over the number.

2. The site has a domain in the .com domain zone, which is strictly regulated. If the site is still not blocked by ICANN, then the site has been verified.
3. I saw that people wrote about instant payouts – this is a good signal. This means that the processing is not manual, but automatic.

My conclusions: Of course, this site will one day become a scam, BUT, now there is the potential to make money on it. I will try to add ~ 10,000 DOGE to begin with, and then we’ll see.