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I came across this website , where we can earn by searching. I suppose all of us are using search engine everyday, and it’s nice to get some payments by searching online. The company is based in Spain, and this opportunity is available worldwide.

Ways of Earnings:
There are actually several ways to earn from Zaoree. When we reach the Zaoree homepage, there are background images or videos. If I am not mistaken, we will also get paid by watching the background videos or images. When the search results are displayed, there are a few sections displayed on the right side, where we can perform those actions and earn. Those actions include visiting websites, watching full videos, filling out Contact Forms or Registration Forms, doing surveys, doing micro tasks, installing apps and playing games.

Payment Information:
Minimum payout: €3
Payment processor: PayPal or bank transfer

I am interested in earning via watching videos, so I am going to try this out. Moreover, I am searching online quite frequently, hence it’d be good to earn a little bit via the daily tasks I am actually doing.

Has anyone joined this site and got paid?

If you are interested, please click and join here: Zaoree