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What is AttaPoll?
AttaPoll is a survey app that you can get paid by doing surveys that are sent to you by notification on your phone.

How does it work?
Once you create an account, attapoll will send you surveys by notification based on your location and if there are surveys that are available within your location. Also, within the app you can go to your settings tab and can alter the frequency of the surveys to your liking. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will get more surveys but it can help.

How do I sign up?
Attapoll is available through the Google playstore for Android and at the iTunes store for ios devices. Once you download the app, you will create an account and verify your email address. Then you go into the app sign in and finish filling out your profile which can also help with getting more surveys sent to you.

How long are the surveys?
The survey length can vary for each one, and you can also go into your settings and select the maximum amount you would like to spend on each survey. This may also help to get more surveys sent to you as well. Surveys also expire. The app says that it can vary from a few days to even as low as 20 minutes, so you need to respond to your notifications as soon as you get them or you will lose your chance for that particular survey.

How do I get paid?
AttaPoll says that once you get at least 50 credits that you can withdraw and send to a charity if you wish. There aren’t any charities listed and the app says that if you have any questions that you should email them at the address provided on the app. Now if you want to withdraw to your PayPal account, it states that you need at least $7 in your account or 500 credits. This can also vary depending on the currency you are using because they have to factor in currency transfer rates.

Is there a referral program?
AttaPoll does say that they offer a referral program. You use your unique link for your friends or family to sign up with. You will get 50 credits for each referral AFTER they complete at least 5 surveys within a month of signing up with AttaPoll. They must be at least 16 years old and live in Australia, The United States, or The United Kingdom. Any place besides these are ineligible to join.

AttaPoll may be a legitimate app to make extra money doing surveys. Most users claim that it is very confusing regarding payout options and the charity options, and because of that there have been lots of complaints. Just use your own judgement when you download the app and good luck!