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PropellerAds review
Developed in 2011, propeller Ads is an ad network that has gained popularity in most parts of the world. If you want to monetize your website, propeller Ads is the perfect solution. You will be paid even the visitors of your website does not click any of your banners. If you have a website with a good amount of traffic, the CPM ads in propeller Ads will provide you with stable earnings.

The propeller Ads Formats

Unlike other Ads networks, propeller Ads offer a broad spectrum of ad formats. In this case, you can generate income regardless of the blog or website. These Ads formats provided by the Propeller Ads will enable you to monetize your website.

#1. onClick Ads

Also known as Pop-Under Ads, this is the most effective Ad format provided by the propeller Ads. With onClick Ads, the CPM rate can go up to $10. This is the best choice if you want to display the ads in a full page on your site. The onClick Ads offer the best CPM for entertainment blogs such as music, viral videos, photos website. The pop-Under Ads do not affect your ranking on search engines and also works on mobile devices.

#2. Direct Ads

Also known as direct links, the publishers are provided with URL to promote. You can create your own banner ads, redirects, text links ads or buttons. With Direct Ads, you can even monetize your website that shows 404 pages. Direct Ads is ideal for downloads websites such as Apps, music, movies and much more.

#3. Mobile Dialog Ads

This is an advertising format that works on any mobile device. This type of Ad displays dialog boxes to the users. This allures the users hence generating higher click-through rate and CPM. Dialog Ads is compatible with all mobile devices regardless of the type of device manufacturer, operating system, and type of connection.

#4. Dialog Ads

These Ads occupy the whole screen on the mobile device so as to attract the attention of the users hence increasing CPM.

How to get started with propeller Ads

On the propeller Ads homepage, you are required to fill a form that asks for your email, messenger Id, and website URL. Upon submitting your details, you should click a link send to your email in order to confirm your account. You details will be reviewed within 24 hours. Once you account is approved, the login credentials will be sent to your mail. You will then log in to your account and start earning money.

Minimum payout

Propeller Ads offer a minimum payout of $100. Since the CPM rates are high, you can easily reach this limit and earn money.

Payment options

The payment options include Payoneer, EPESE, ePayments, wire and Webmoney.


In Conclusion, the propeller Ads provide you with the quickest way to reap maximum benefit from your website.