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This site is not really a faucet but a cryptogame that gives crypto prizes so it is kind of like blockchain cuties,which is also located in this forum.

Splinterlands.com is a crpyto-currency game running on the Steem Blockchain and requires Steem Power to run. It is considering to go to the HIVE blockchain but there are no solid plans yet. Splinterlands is a game like Heartstone, using cards and defeating your enemy. Every win gives you DEC a cryptocurrency whose price is set to hit 10 DEC equaling 0.01 USD.

The game requires a small $10 to start but when you do, they pack includes the basic cards to play. Every plays gives you DEC. I earn around 25 DEC every play and that is around 2.5 cents per play and I can play 100 times a day. You can then sell those DEC on exchanges such as Steem-Engine for other cryptos, buy Booster Packs for better cards, or potions (I will explain that a bit later). There are also events which Splinterlands host giving you a chance of $10 each and there are dozens of contests at a time. Other ways of getting DEC is by selling cards to other players or burning your cards. Everyday also gives you quests which when completed gives you chests based on your rank (will explain that later). Those chests can include cards, essence orbs (kind of like a booster packs but contain better cards), or DEC. Every 15 days is a season and gives you a LOT of chests depending on your league, up to 150 chests.

Opening packs is another aspects of the game and it is essential for improvement of income. Higher level cards mean stronger cards, so you’ll be able to beat more people and get better rewards to sell or keep. Essence orbs are also a type of booster backs but they are more limited and give “promo” cards which are often stronger.

This game is a blockchain game and has run for around a year. Many people are using it and since it runs on the blockchain, has a legit location and uses a cryptocurrency to run, it will never go scam! So join early when the packs are still available and get profit when they run out!

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By the way, creating an account will automatically give you a steem account! That can save you tons of time on joining a awesome cryptocurrency world! Will be updating this thread regularly!