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EasyBucks.Today v2 – Relaunch (OFFICIAL THREAD)

EasyBucks.Today was a GPT/PTC site launched a while back in January but was temporarily shut down due to internal staffing issues and some problems with our hosting provider, and now we have relaunched with the long needed features!

EasyBucks.Today v1 was poorly setup, without many needed features such as a VPN blocking system and an organized support system. During the time that we were offline we have worked hard to provide these much needed updates and features, along with some new features!

EasyBucks v2 now has more advanced security features, which cuts down the amount of false bans and accurately bans those users who are violating our Terms of service. We’ve sorted out our staff and made a more organized support system that allows us to reply to your concerns within 12 hours usually, and trained our support representitives to better assist our users. A complete list of what has changed and what was newly introduced:
– VPN Blocking System
– Better security monitoring
– Faster support
– Ads purchasing
– Points crediting ($1=1000 points)
– Instant payouts
– More specific FAQ
– Revised ToS and Privacy notice
– Remade homepage
– Removed ‘deposit funds’ option
– Added gift cards
– Reduced crypto minimum payout to $2, lowered fees.
– Coinbase $0 minimum

What EasyBucks.Today still has to offer is many different offerwalls that allows you to earn, including surveys, apps, and PTC. We are also keeping our $0.05 joining bonus which you are allowed to withdraw upon joining the site (we recommend that you complete the TheoremReach profiler for an additional $0.10 and then withdrawing). We still strive on making the easiest way to earn online, so what are you waiting for! Join now!

TL;DR: EasyBucks v2 relaunch adds more features to make it easier to earn! We offer a $0.05 join bonus, low minimum payouts ($0 for coinbase, $2 for btc!). Complete our TheoremReach profiler survey for an additional $0.10! What are you waiting for? Join now: https://easybucks.today/