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Introducing 2 ad networks placing POPUNDER and ON-PAGE NOTIFICATION
Hello friends ! As you all know, GA advertising itself has dropped dramatically, and other NETs are almost dead, I’ve been doing web for more than 3 years now, have tried most of the big NETs like Exo, Clickadu, Propeller… but it only gets 1 time and the rate is horrible. 2 months ago, I accidentally found out about galaksion, a European NET founded in 2014, I just hung a push notification ad and the rate is always fixed at 0.7$CPM. My site is just $10 to $15 average daily income. Knowing that publishers are currently struggling with the epidemic, I strongly recommend that you all get through this difficult time together. this. If you are interested, please register an account by following the link below, if you have any questions, please contact the admin directly, they are extremely enthusiastic support.
Registration link: https://ssp2.galaksion.com/registration?ri=afd752cc-2ad2-4325-ad1a-b7d04ef89baa

skype: (email protected)

Introduce you to an ad network with a good income.
My page has about 12k traffic 1 day ago, when I placed Clickadu ads, I got about 2.4-4.2 $, most of them were below 0.2 – 0.3. Switching to placing ads for Clickaine is about 10$-15$ a day,
I put the popup, clickadilla popup is not annoying like other ads network. I put ” clicking on links(Default)” . I set the frequency from 0-7-14 minutes.
Please order 1 day to compare income.
Link here https://publishers.clickadilla.com/signup?ref=8CGZuF

If you want to have questions, contact me on skype: live:nghilovemeto2