❓ASK – Best Bitcoin Wallets for SECURE STORAGE? | Proxies-free

Hi, guys!

In case you don’t know what is a Bitcoin wallet, well a Bitcoin wallet is like your own online bank account where you can store, send and receive Bitcoins from other people.

These Bitcoin wallets stores your private keys and public keys.
+ With public key you send/receive bitcoins.
+ With private key you access your wallet.

There are 2 big types of Bitcoins wallets:

A. Bitcoin Hot Wallets [connected to the INTERNET] – easy access, less secure

B. Bitcoin Cold Storage Wallets [disconnecd from The INTERNET] – more secure

Now, because you know about these HOT/COLD Bitcoin Wallets there are 4 types of Bitcoin wallets:

1. Bitcoin Software Wallets – available for desktop and mobile devices, you must download a software client to create the actual bitcoin wallet. For this check out: BitcoinCore, MultiBit, Armory, MyCelium, Copay
2. Bitcoin Online Wallets – also know as Bitcoin Web Wallets, they are the easiest to deal with and after you create your wallet you can have access from any device that is connected to the INTERNET. Due to it’s easy handle these wallets are not so secure in front of hackers. For this check out: BlockChain
3. Bitcoin Paper Wallets – this is Bitcoin Cold Storage and consist of printing out your private and public keys on actual paper. This is more secure but if you lost the paper you dead. For this check out: BitAddress, BitcoinPaperWallet
4. Bitcoin Hardware Wallets – this is basically a USB that once plugged in your computer will deal with every day Bitcoin transactions. For this check out: TREZOR and Ledger wallet.

What Bitcoin wallet do I recommend?

If you deal with low amounts of Bitcoins and receive or send bitcoins every other day, Bitcoin Online Wallets are great for you, if you want to store a good amount of Bitcoins in a safe place go for Bitcoin Hardware Wallet.

What Bitcoin wallet do you use and what’s your opinion regarding some bitcoins wallets?