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Do you want to know the reasons why YFI reached $ 18,000?

On August 19, I posted a thread about a coin that was priced slightly higher than BTC.
This is the thread link: https://www.beermoneyforum.com/thre…at-its-price-now-resembles-that-of-btc.95395/
To the surprise of many of us, who thought that coin was a trap, YFI keeps giving what to talk about, it has just reached new highs, reaching $ 18,169.
Among the possible causes of its rise would be the following:
1.- On August 28, the Aave Monetary Market Protocol (LEND) included YFI on its list.
With 1,520 million dollars in total insured, Aave is the largest DEFI protocol on the market.
2.- There are collaboration plans between the developer of yearn.finance, Andre Cronje and the CEO of FTX.
FTX is a very important exchange in the cryptocurrency derivatives market, it acquired Blockfolio and supported the launch of a decentralized exchange (DEX) called Serum.
3.- Yearn.finance has launched several products on the market, from vaults to decentralized insurance. Announced the launch of yinsure.finance, it has the distinction of being one of the first tokenized DeFi insurance services.
Apparently this coin was not a trap and the market was reacting to the plans and actions taken by Yearn.finance, we will see what are the new ceilings of this coin that has been very active in the DEX and DEFI world.