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Teach you a trick to easily mine with your own computer: directly use the browser to earn bitcoins
You can earn bitcoins for free when you open the browser, which is especially suitable for people who use the computer to browse the web all day long, and it is completely free, completely free.

Such a powerful tool was naturally developed by a major Google manufacturer. This product is called Cryptotab, which is particularly friendly to non-professional mining amateurs, especially when you don’t know how to start or which mining pools can be trusted. Google solves these problems for you.

As long as you always use the computer at work

Just open the browser to work

Earn pocket money anytime, anywhere

And these only need one step. Using the Cryptotab browser, the function and interface are exactly the same as google Chrome (because it is our own product), and the browser opens and there is a steady stream of bitcoins coming in.

Welcome to join the ranks of making money by simple Bitcoin mining, no need to spend extra money to buy equipment

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