❓ASK – How to earn 2 dollars with 2 hours | Proxies-free

Hi friends, I’ve been wandering a lot on many PTC and micro working sites, but I think every one of them are way too exigent, some like remotasks require you to have at least a cool PC to handle lidar engine and a decent network connection, others like neobux, satoshilabs and similars require you to be in one top tier country to fill you up with surveys. I’ve done my time on sites like fiverr which are nice but you have to lower your price standards if you wanna get at least one job.

Sites like Freelancer for example are just a display of how much talent go to waste every friggin’ minute there, the so called contest put thousands of minds to compete for meager 15-30 bucks when all of our time would be better used in more creative productive project, why haven’t anyone thought of creating a better platform?? I mean every site has some sort of scheme to make things hard, but they could instead implement more profitable uses for massive amounts of freelancers free time, don’t you think so?

Because I bet that anyone in the same frame as me (and we are many) would prefer to earn even a sureproof $1 per hour (or even daily!) instead of killing each other for just 1 little $15 prize.

Am being too driven away? or there are new projects/ new ways of generating income which consider these elements? Have I missed some special website?