❓ASK – How to monetize a new tech & gaming youtube channel and site | Proxies-free

I’d personally set up a website (not blogspot) put content on there and affiliate ads, ad networks (you may or may not get approved for Adsense but there are many other networks if not) as well – many choices

Try and create a kind of brand, you didn’t mention if you use social media (which is a pain in the ar**) but pushing traffic to money sources from Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc is still good – just don’t get bogged down with the usual social media rubbish.

I’d also mirror your content on sites like Minds and Odyssey/Lbry – not as many subscribers or views but you can still earn a little crypto/tokens with small numbers in the hopes that you reach the Youtube requirements mentioned above. Also the token smay be useful in the future – I’d rather have some than not.

Good luck