❓ASK – Is It a good idea to hold ethereum coin | Proxies-free

I have been thinking of holding some coins for ethereum but before I do that I would like to hear from you guys if it can be a profitable idea, in as much as I know money is found where there’s an idea. I have been reading articles and web pages of people who trust in the ethereum coin results of holding the ethereum coin have been a good step since they still have a long way to go. early this year before the break out of covid-19 the ethereum coin was somewhere at $167 at that time a friend of mine a cryptonist told me that it was the best time to buy the coin because whose value became low but i was inconsiderate in that matter but now I regret not holding because it’s true that the coin raised from about $167 to about $400 and currently is about $250 profit for just holding one ethereum coin yet this is not the end it’s just the beginning.

I therefore think it’s a good idea holding ethereum token, do you have objections and important things to consider that can be an advantage or a disadvantage, please share your ideas we are here to help each other make money online?