❓ASK – Need help starting and monetizing movie website | Proxies-free

Hello everyone. Im still new here and i need your help to advice me in making a website.

So me and my friend are planning to make a fansub/anime download website and we already have written a code for our website, but the problem is we dont have any experience at hosting the web nor monetizing it. and since our website content maybe kinda have a “copyright” problem in it we probably need a non restricted way to monetize it. So please help me with

1. Provider for hosting our website and hopefully wont care about our content or unrestricted about it

2. An ad network that can provide an ads for this kind of website (most of my country website have like a casino and betting site ads)

3. a link shortener that give a good profit for our web

4. Any advice for hosting this kind of website it self

As a note in my country we not really highly restricted for this kind of website yet. so there is a bunch of this kinda things in our country already.
But we really dont have any source of information of this kinda thing yet. thank you very much if you can help us.