❓ASK – Simple vs Fancy website | Proxies-free

What kind of websites do you think is better to use , from a side , technology is improving and world is going forward, so having a website that’s full of nice design and stuff is good, but in the other side, there are things to sacrifice in order to have those fancy designs in your website and one of them is the browsing speed, unlike simple made websites, wikipedia is a good example, it has millions of visitors and its design is completely simple and basic,on the other side, having a website that’s full of shiny stuff doesn’t kinda offer the best experience for everyone as the computers that are used by the users differ from a user to another .
What’s better to have from for you ? simple or a very well designed website ?
I personally would go for a simple website because that will save me a lot of effort and time and also the money to hire a designer for the banners and stuff