❓ASK – The List of Worst 5 Countries To Advertise your jobs | Proxies-free

This post is to tell about the worst 5 countries where you should avoid buying any signups or leads

The issue might be due to language barrier and so , but most users doing spam so i share

5 countries that almost where 50% of workers sent spam proofs on task

1. Morocco ( 65%+ spam , Don’t even bother buying its clicks even in sleep )

2. Egypt ( 50-60% spam ratio , hard to make people understand )

3. China ( They usually send task proofs with wrong details 0

4. Israel ( They don’t care for humanity and even say blatant words )

5. Nepal ( 75%+ Spam , they usually send the dumbest proofs that will irritate you

I have such a proof actually if i upload that image you will fall laughing from your bed , so for your safety i do not attach it

The main purpose of the thread creation fulfilled , so guys always read this information before advertising your posts to

save your money and have better roi on your ad-campaigns , have a great day

Good Luck :