❓ASK – What methods can be used to monetize a website? | Proxies-free

Get enough traffic then monetize your website through selling ad space, affiliate marketing, accepting donations, or selling your own stuff.
For placing ads on your website you can apply for Google adsense, Media.net or infolinks
For affiliate marketing you can sign up for MyLead or ShareASale
For accepting donations or membership you can make a donate button on PayPal or Buy Me a Coffee then place them on your website, and for membership you can sign up for Patreon.
You can also sell your own stuffs like eBooks, Movies, Games or other digital products directly to your website. Selling Physical Products is also good like cosmetics, supplements, gadgets, clothes, tools (depending on your website’s niche)

Always do your own research, there’s a lot of programs and sites you can choose to apply monetization for your website.