❓ASK – Which buisness can i start with 500$? | Proxies-free

Hello everbody i recently completed my studies now im looking for buiness in which didn’t lot invest because my budget is much to high and my father also retire from so i start buisness with 500$ in which we earn reasonable amount So with this I can run my home expenses.

So request from everyone give me ideas what buisness that i can start with 500$?

What business to do depends on your location and market population (I.e. potential customers). Look around, there will be some kind of services or products people need that are note close to them. You may also want to consider what takes money out of your pocket every day or something you always wanted to buy but you can’t find it around.
What ever you choose to do, make sure they are many people around to patronise you. Your turnover i.e. profit will depend on the market population. No matter how good a business may look, if you are not sure of potential customers, it’s not worth it.
If possible, please don’t put the whole amount into the business at once. You can start with half of the amount and see the turnover. This is the time to receive feedback from your customers and study the business (potential) growth rate.
While you are looking around, consider the following business opportunities:
1. Barbers shop,
2. Supply of bottle water to restaurants and eatery,
3. Baby clothings,
4. Eatery,
5. Grocery shop,
6. Etc.