❓ASK – Why are iphone’s cameras so much better than those in android? | Proxies-free

The stereotype that iPhone cameras are better than Android is one that is true in some cases. iPhone is an actual brand of smartphones. Android is just the OS that people can take and put on their phones. In many cases, people will have phones that don’t have the best camera or features, that doesn’t mean that Android phones have bad cameras, infact you should probably see the Galaxy S20 Ultra which has a 108 MP camera (the first one to have it was the Xiaomi Mi Note 10) and that’s WAY better than the 12 MP iPhone Pro Max camera (lmao it’s a really large comparison, but you get the point). The point is, Android is a system, and it can be as crazy good, or utterly terrible as it can be… and let’s be real, Android has better value over iPhone, and that’s a fact everyone can agree on.