❓ASK – Your best passive income sources? | Proxies-free

You’re asking too much , you want to invest but want profit immediately. Th’s not gonna happen because it’s impossible. Otherwise, the whole humankind would quit their jobs and start investing over the internet. You can’t get rich overnight even if you’re trying illegal stuff :Roflmao:.
If you want to earn passive income with a safe investment you can buy stocks in your country from different companies to earn dividents or buy stocks released by your government if there is any.
I see you’re familiar with staking which I do now on expresscrypto microwallet without any KYC required with my small earnings from fauceting and I enjoy building up my portfolio which is a very slow process, and which seems you don’t like slow-building portfolios.
And im staking some coins, only proof-of-stake coins so far, ADA, TRX, XTZ, RDD, KMD on expresscrypto microwallet with minimum yearly reward percentage as 4%, except for RDD which is 22% , and for TRX which is 6%, and I don’t have to vote on tron network nor keeping my desktop running 24/7 for this. There is also a Savings feature which is like staking proof of work coins there , BTC, LTC, DOGE, DASH and the minimum percentage is 5% except for BTC which is 2.2% APY.
I don’t recommend staking on finance because I’ve heard they give very small yearly rewards plus you have to provide your KYC there.
You can stake coins also on Atomic wallet or on a hardware wallet such as Trezor.