❕NEWS – China to start trial of its digital currency | Proxies-free

This should be posted in the Airdrop forums. 😬

well we’ll but here you can see, that China’s actions against mining and exchange is not because they have issues with digital currencies but they don’t want to see another besides their own red e-coin!
I am not sure if this is good or bad news. Good, cuz Chinese government is in favor to electronic currency and there is a huge promo that will create acceptance in general.
It’s bad new since they see other decentralized currencies as competitors or uncontrollable enemies and will fight against national and international, the good thing.

If every country develops their own currency we will see lots of competition then there might be a place for all the cool, uncontrolled crypto we have today.
But anyway I think globally we will see a date driven war against crypto currency as we have seen against encryption in the past. The government worldwide want to be in control and “own” the currency. The winter is coming!!