❕NEWS – Fraud has moved over from Credit cards to the crypto world | Proxies-free

Before we all had to be very careful on the internet and with our credit cards as there were many fraud cases with regards to credit cars, however this has now moved to the crypto world. One of the major concerning facts about crypto is that it has an irreversible nature and it seems that the fraudsters are taking advantage of this.

This is different from a credit card, who when the criminal activity is noted, can be charge backed for a period of up to 18 months, whereas for bitcoin this is not possible. This makes bitcoin and other crypto the perfect prey for scammers and people are being warned to be very careful of these scams.

the most common scam is said to be trading, where you have to pay for a service and are never rewarded or refunded when you pay in crypto. To all those on this forum, please be careful of this moving forward. This is something that i felt was important to bring to the attention of all here.