❕NEWS – India: a Nation Wide Crypto Trading Ban Currently Pending | Proxies-free

This is a bit confusing. Some time back, the Indian Central Banker – Reserve Bank of India (RBI) : similar to European Central Bank (ECB) and US Fed had in fact relaxed some restrictions and some players like Zebpay:
have started into the Trading arena again. May be I need to check the updates again. We also have sites like bitbns catering to many consumers.
I am frustrated by many folks who say that crypto can be a big means to fund Terrorists and Drug Traffickers, whereas real world currency has seen much bigger volumes being used to finance such folks.
Crypto can be no worse, and still it faces flak.
May be, because it can improve the living conditions of many, so the power grabbers do not want it to grow in India?
Well, only Time would Tell !!