❕NEWS – Poly Network Hacker Says ‘In the Defi World Code Is Law’ While Returning Millions in Defi Tokens | Proxies-free

On August 10 Bitcoin.com News reported on the Poly Network project’s large decentralised finance (defi) attack. The hack caused a 611$ million loss to the cross-chain protocol and the news swiftly spread on forums and social media. Initially the Poly Network team attempted to communicate with the hacker by sending a message to him.

Following the incident rumours said that a security firm called Slowmist had revealed information on the suspected hacker that evening. When the hacker used a relatively unknown exchange named Hoo.com Slowmist said it was able to capture a fingerprint of the culprit. After this, the hacker sent the Poly Network team 4.7$ million in various tokens a few hours later. The hacker had sent a total of 264.7$ million by the end of Wednesday’s day and he was highly communicative with the Poly Network crew and the white hat hacker.The hacker stated that the intrusion was done for pleasure and that he or she was weary after giving a long explanation and returning millions of dollars in crypto assets.