❕NEWS – Will Crypto Market Crash Again This Weekend? | Proxies-free

The crypto market is prone to price drops on weekends, and as another one approaches, the market volatility has begun to show signals of a sell-off. Bitcoin and key altcoins traded in red with a sliver of green, bringing the crypto market size below $1.4 trillion.

According to market experts, there are a variety of reasons for the recurrent weekend sell-offs trend, including the lack of banking facilities, which prevent dealers from adding additional funds to their accounts, resulting in low trading volumes on weekends. Low trade volumes frequently lead to selling pressure, but late Sunday sees a rebound as Asian markets open up.

Weekend margin trading, in which traders borrow money from exchanges to trade at large leverages, is also one of the main causes of market price volatility. Exchanges are required to sell the crypto assets of traders who fail to repay the loan if the price of the crypto asset falls below the margin call. This increased selling pressure, resulting in weekend volatility.