10 high quality Blog comments on your Blog post for $3

10 high quality Blog comments on your Blog post


1. Each comment will have the commenter’s full name and the blog owner’s name.
The most common mistake people make when commenting on articles is that they don’t use their full names and mention the author’s name. The validity of a comment is dependent on these factors.

2. Each comment will contain not less than 30 words to optimize you content for search engine visibility.

3. All comments will be delivered within 24hours.


A research carried out by Harsh Argwal reveals the impact comments had on his post’s ranking.

Harsh Argwal deleted existing comments and switched from one comment system to another.

The deletion of comments and switching of comment system had a negative impact on his ranking by reducing his average ranking position by 40%. When he switched back to his former comment system, his ranking position was restored.

This indicates that comments have about 40% impact on your search engine ranking.
10 quality comments is better 100 comments that disregard the idea and purpose of your post.