11 rules for successful trading …! – Discussions & Help

1) Always use Stoploss to automatically reduce your losses.

2) Get the trade as soon as you reach the destination.

3) Do not act according to your strategy with the signals and guesses.

4) Prevent entry into trading when the price is highest and lowest, and wait for the correct entry point.

5) Never ignore the news. Before entering a position, make sure that there are no opposite trends.

6) Never open the position if you have doubts regarding the trade.

7) Always check the daily trend before you start trading.

8) Never do emotional trading. Control greed.

9) You just closed the trade with loss because the direction was wrong. Do not go in the opposite direction in a new trade. Wait and follow the diagram. Do not think about getting it back right away. You may lose more money.

10) Look for chart patterns like doubles, head and shoulders, etc.

11) Try to learn new things every day.