16.04 – The laptop webcam can not be used under Ubuntu 18.04 under VirtualBox VM with Windows 10 as the host operating system

I am using the latest stable version of VirtualBox (6.0.14) and have installed the appropriate extension package so that I can click on the VM menu Devices -> Webcams -> "MyWebcam" while the VM is running. This creates / dev / video0 and / dev / video1, but when I try to use them with either cheese or the VLC GUI, an error occurs.

I have followed the solution fairly closely in this case. How can I use my webcam with Ubuntu running in VirtualBox? but I think there is something second to the answer, but I can not understand the steps he has made (on which computer should I take these steps, on the host operating system or on the guest operating system?)

Any help would be appreciated.