16.04 – What Package Do i Need To Run IRC Environment Server?

hye im new with ubuntu and i fall in love with it,i want to run fully irc environment server,what i mean is,it have Unrealircd5,Anope,ZNC,Eggdrop and any other irc related things,what package do i need to have in Ubuntu 16.04 OpenVZ VPS for this purpose? where can i get to know about the packages and what it’s use for?

p/s : is openvz good to run this all?? or should i change to KVM (im in dilemma) i know OpenVZ wll stick to 2.6.32-042stab120.11 kernel,but when i use KVM alot of things not going well.maybe because my knowledge in ubuntu package are very limited.

2 GB Burst RAM
1 Core vCPU
25 GB SSD Disk
2 TB Monthly Data Transfer
100 Mbps Shared Bandwidth