18.04 – "Computer ID already enabled with other key or not unique" when setting up Livepatch

When you try to enable Livepatch with the Software & Updates GUI on a derivative of Ubuntu Budgie 18.04, you receive the following error message:

Sorry, there is a problem setting up Canonical Livepatch

I tried to do it manually by following the steps on https://auth.livepatch.canonical.com/ and executing the commands. However, I get the following:

2018/12/13 11:11:21 Error executing enable: This machine ID is already enabled with another key or is not unique. Either "sudo canonical-livepatch disable" on the other machine, or a new / etc / machine-id on this machine with "sudo rm / etc / machine-id / var / lib / dbus / machine-id && machine ID Setup ": {" error ":" Machine ID conflict "}

I am sure that I have never installed Livepatch on this laptop. What could be the problem here?

What risks could exist when generating a new machine ID, as suggested in the error message? What other elements of my system could use the current machine ID?