18.04 – I rebooted my server and neither SSH or HTTP(s) is working

first question here. Today I rebooted my server and after that I could not access the server (Ubuntu 18.04) via SSH or HTTP(s). The company I rent the server with is not able to provide software support. The gave my access via remote console and the only (red) errors I got are:

Mounting /home/user/web
Mounting /home/root/web
(FAILED) Failed to mount /home/user/web.
See “systemctl status home-user.web.mount” for details
(DEPEND) Dependency failed for Local File Systems.
(FAILED) Failed to mount /home/root/web.
See “systemctl status home-root.web.mount” for details

Before I created a new user like that:
adduser user
usermod -aG sudo user
su – user

Then I started using the user for this operations:
mkdir ~/web
printf “nnbindfs#/var/www/ /home/$USER/web/ fuse force-user=$USER,force-group=$USER,create-for-user=www-data,create-for-group=www-data,create-with-perms=0770,chgrp-ignore,chown-ignore,chmod-ignore 0 0” | sudo tee -a /etc/fstab
sudo mount /home/$USER/web

I think that is the problem, but how can I solve them? I tried deleting the user but that is not helping.

The Status for SSH is:
Inactaive (Dead).
And restarting it will not help.

Thanks in advance,
Jan-Philipp Schäfers