20.04 – Chromium won’t start

Something keeps happening to Chromium that times to times won’t start. I already searched for other similar questions but i do not find a solution. It appears this error in the syslog everytime i try to start Chromium:

Nov 18 17:56:15 hiro systemd(1791): Started Application launched by gnome-shell.
Nov 18 17:56:15 hiro chromium_chromium.desktop(1595537): cannot snap-exec: cannot read info for "chromium": cannot find installed snap "chromium" at revision 1399: missing file /snap/chromium/1399/meta/snap.yaml
Nov 18 17:56:15 hiro systemd(1791): gnome-launched-chromium_chromium.desktop-1595537.scope: Succeeded.

But when i check for this missing file:
ls /snap/chromium/1399/meta/snap.yaml

It is there. Any ideias to fix this? Thank you.


I tried this command:

dpkg-reconfigure chromium-browser

but did not change the problem.

Then i tried:

snap remove chromium

But return a error:

error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Disconnect chromium:password-manager-service from core:password-manager-service (internal error: connection "chromium:password-manager-service core:password-manager-service" not found in state)