20.04 – Timeshift failed me twice

No matter if I use Timeshift or preinstalled Backups both recovery tools have failed
me when trying to recover my system. From time to time it happens that installed updates
crash my machine. It simply won’t boot. Then I reach out for my Timeshift snapshots and
very often the computer can’t use it.

I reinstall Ubuntu from my pen drive and install Timeshift. After this is done I pick latest snapshot of my system when it works fine and hit “restore” to get all my files
and programs off the snapshot. Last night the snapshot failed to restore because apparently
TPM chip failed to connect upon boot.

I’ve had issues restoring system using Backups as well. I don’t believe a lot of people
have so many problems with it. Especially when I know some people use these tools in entreprise environment. Some system admins use third party software but some stick with
what Ubuntu comes with.

Home users use these tools as well so I don’t believe it’s inherently faulty feature of Ubuntu. But what it is that I do the these tools keep failing me ?

If you need more info just ask and I’ll provide.