20.04 – Unicode characters do not have correct width in the terminal

This doesn’t happen with all unicode characters, but does happen with scissors: ✂️
It seems to be a problem independent of font as I’ve tried multiple different monospace fonts, patched and unpatched with “Nerd fonts” (I did try system default monospace)

scissors emoji in neovim scissors overlap the next character in neovim

scissors emoji rendered in vscode uses a different character / emoji set, but it looks like vscode renders differently, as there is no overlap

scissors emoji is rendered correctly renders as I’d expect: no overlap

scissors emoji in the terminal
has the same problem as in neovim

github: https://github.com/NullVoxPopuli/dotfiles/blob/75ad3987e4eaa550e7dfb70a37ffe2b756594bd9/home/scripts/unme

github rendering of the scissors emoji
GitHub in Firefox looks correct

Is there a way to configure the terminal to have consistent emoji/unicode width/rendering?