20.04 – Yey, linux made my day worse

About 1-2 hours ago I uninstalled Python (I stopped the operation at 98%) and it started to look odd. The terminal was a little changed and probably it was because i had tuned it up a little bit and that plugin was probably python-based. But then I realized when I pressed a link from WhatsApp or Discord it took me to Brave instead of Firefox. Didn’t thought much. Some time passed and I went down in the kitchen for aprox. 5 mins and when I returned my laptop was saying “audit: backlog limit exeeded”. Weird. I triedpressing keys and mouse buttons but it didn’t work. I had to restart my computer. I realized it was weird directly from the start-up when it showed he ubuntu logo with the Lenevo one, normal behavior, but then after instead of showing the rotating thing animation it took me directly to logs, and then after to the login screen. I opened my computer. My wallpaper was the previous one instead of the one I set 1 month ago. Firefox was no-where (not python-based). Discord and WALC (Unofficial Whatsapp client) were not opening (again, they use the Electron framework form which I know doesn’t use Python). Thank you! Now I got to recover my Google account.
Forgot to mention that I also installed some plugins for my virtual background camera to work.

Thank you linux!
Anyone of you has an idea of why is this happening?

Additional info:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • crappy XFCE


  • I can’t enter GNOME cause i can’t see it in lightdm (GNOME uses some python from what I see)
  • KDE works but no taskbar and loading takes like 25secs (not python-based)
    the command i enter was sudo apt remove python3.8