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The Green Invest Group is one of the leading financial companies specializing in four main areas such as lending, real estate, securities trading and crypto currency. We hire only experienced quality specialists. The company employs real estate professionals, marketers, financiers, traders, analysts, blockchain technology experts and many other specialties. By investing in our business, you earn up to 4% of your deposit daily, depending on the chosen rate plan. No investor was left without profit by working with our company. Become part of the Green Invest Group team.

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Minimum deposit: $ 20
Referral fee: 8% – 4% – 2% – 1%
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How do you determine which fields in the query text should be searched for Sharepoint Search Rest API?

I am using the Sharepoint Search REST API and using the Sharepoint Search Query Tool for some tests. My current URL for the Sharepoint search query looks like this:

http://org.sharepoint_sample.com/_api/search/query?querytext='travel+Division:"Div1"'&sourceid='abcdes'&clienttype='PeopleResultsQuery & # 39;

As you can see, I search query text travel and have a filter that classification should be div1, Now I try to do that only should be searched travel in certain areas and not in all areas. Since then I do People Results Query and there are fields like About me, interest, history and so on for each person. I want to search travel only in About me and interestField and not other fields.

I can see many fields in the SharePoint search query tool, but I do not know which one could help. How can I specify fields in which to search? query text?

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How to check with javascript if a value of a column in a sharepoint list is empty or null?

I have a manager approval form where the manager can approve and submit without specifying his / her name / email address. I do not want that, is there a way to add a snippet in the script editor so they can submit their form until they enter their email / name. I tried to use the built-in SharePoint feature "Requires this column contains information." However, this does not work in this case as I hide this column in my new form.

postgresql – Bad Postgres performance when deleting rows with big blobs

I have a PostgreSQL table


the dates Blob is usually in the range of 1 to 10 MB per line. The info Text consists of only a few characters. The table currently contains about 35000 lines.

Deleting 50 of these lines takes about 15 to 20 seconds on three different systems. Tested with Postgres 8.something on Ubuntu 16.04, 9.6.11 on Windows 7 and 10.6 on Ubuntu 18.04. No changes have been made to configuration files related to performance tuning. Everything is just like a new installation on Ubuntu 16.04, Windows or 18.04, with the exception of host and port information and the like. At the time of testing, the servers were underutilized.

I noticed that the deletion is almost instantaneous when the dates Blob is either zero or very small (just a few bytes). In fact, it seems that the time to erase is proportional to the amount of erased data.

The deletion takes place like

WO stuff.id IN (
SELECT stuff_id
FROM somewhere_else
ORDER BY somewhere_else.id ASC

At first, I suspected that the subquery caused the problem, but that does not seem to be the case.

Select the data like SELECT (ID, Info) FROM stuff WHERE stuff.id IN (...) is almost instantaneous (10..100 ms), SELECT * FROM stuff WHERE stuff.id IN (...) took about 25 seconds.

The time required to actually load all the data is therefore of the same order of magnitude as the time required to erase the rows while omitting the large spot, thereby significantly speeding up the process. Therefore, I excluded that the subquery is the problem.

Why does it take so long to delete large blobs? I've been assuming since VACUUM is present, the deletion should be extremely fast regardless of the amount of data in a row, and the actual resources are freed while the resources are freed VACUUM, Is not that the case?