Calculate the difference in time between the date in ListBox and the current computer clock

I want to calculate the difference in time between the date of the selected row in ListBox with the current computer clock. The selected line contains 5 different types of information. When I select the specific row in the ListBox, I can use the radio buttons to calculate the time difference in years, months, or days, and display the result in the text box by pressing calculation Button. How can I do that? Is it possible to define the date under the data in the ListBox?
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GoDaddy public whois questions | Web Hosting Talk

GoDaddy public whois questions | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. GoDaddy public whois questions

    Someone who ever has problems with GoDaddy where you whois public / public with them, but other whois servers, eg. For example, domaintools,, and so on, make it private? It's about five days ago and other whois servers still need to reflect the public information. I also turned to GoDaddy, who unfortunately has a terrible support and of which they have no idea.

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* RackLot Week Special * 64 GB RAM? 1TB SATA / 250GB SSD * Dual Processor X5650 – $ 149

Hello WHTalkers!

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A dedicated server, unlike a shared server, has a hosting solution that's just yours. In other words, if you use dedicated server hosting from RackLot, you can be sure that you will not share resources or storage with other people. This gives you the ultimate in flexibility as you have complete control over your server, including the choice of operating system and computer hardware. A dedicated server also ensures that your website works optimally without any restrictions.


We run the best brands in the industry on our servers, only the best are good enough for the RackLot Group – we live by the standard of the group.


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If you wish to operate a mail server that complies with US spam laws, we will not filter or restrict the mail servers running on our network.


Because of our premium network providers, we pay a bit more bandwidth to maintain a reliable network. However, pass on the quality and not the price to you.

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Dell DRAC Remote Management

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Store / set sharepoint search API to query documents by term?

I have a term store that contains some terms like "defender", "forward", and so on. I then have a document library that uses these terms as metadata for the documents.

I would like to use the Sharepoint Search API to retrieve documents that used Defender metadata, as in the following images.

I have a function to grab the documents:

  public getDocuments() {
            { params:{},
              headers: { 'accept': 'application/json;odata=verbose' }
    .then(response => {
    .catch(error => {

Can someone please point me in the right direction for the search API endpoint? <3

Enter image description here

Enter image description here

logins – Does sudo mysql -p mysql -u root -p?

I have mysql installed and then the command & # 39; sudo mysql_secure_installation & # 39; executed to set a password and remove the default settings. I can log in to MySQL with the command mysql -u root -p and I get a password query that only accepts the password that was set with mysql_secure_installation, When I run sudo mysql -p and typing in any password, I get a mysql prompt. Are the two commands the same and if not, why not?

I realize that if someone has sudo Access already, then accessing my databases is the least of my worries, but that still bothers me. Should I fix it and if so, how?

Fraud – What to do in a dodgy exchange?

I am new here and the reason is that I believe I have become a victim of a
Scam. And hopefully you can instruct me to get out of this crappy situation, or at least help to expose the fraudsters.

I was stupid and got in touch with a guy named Glen Morley by a telegram that supposedly has a very accurate bitcoin trading signal rate, which he actually did, assuming the stock market had real charts. We made a deal to split the profit 80/20. He did not ask for any private information or whatever. He told me to open an account

After the first day, I was almost sure it was a scam. When I tried to withdraw the next day, the exchange told me that I can not withdraw because my account was new and I have to wait 4 business days to do so. During this conversation, it turned out that a tax of 15% will be charged if your profit exceeds $ 20,000. I was also encouraged to continue acting in the meantime, and they could not give a reasonable explanation for why this is so. When I asked why they did not find such rules anywhere on their website, they became silent.

Since I was not allowed to retire, I decided to see the outcome of this story, assuming that I most likely lost my original investment. Glen sent me signals to trade and I landed at 5.9 BTC from 0.25 BTC in a week, only 5 trades per day. In the meantime, I kept thinking about possible scenarios, but I could not judge the situation correctly.

After a week I made my last trade today to find out the whole setup. It turned out that the tax mentioned by them should amount to 15% of the total profit in order to withdraw the amount they did not mention. It is not even written anywhere on their website. In my case, it's around $ 6,400. I do not have the money. Even if I did not have a chance, I'll pay you back on a shady stock market that will surprise you at the last minute. When I told Glen about it, he encouraged me to pay it through a loan! I think the guy named Glen and this switch work together. First, to persuade people to deposit, then to make them believe that they are making quick profits, and in the end, to make them pay out ridiculous amounts of money to take off, which would probably never happen.

I'm sorry you took your time, but I think it's my duty to spread the news and, if possible, ask for advice.

I have screenshots of every conversation I had with Exchange Support and with Glen if it would help.

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

Plotting – Listplot with a function for the x-values

I want to draw a function with points and lines.
I have to use listplot and plot.
Now I have the y values, but the x values ​​are wrong.
So I want to manipulate them with a for function in my listplot.

But it does not work.
Can someone tell me how I can improve it?

xk(k_, n_) := (-1 + k*1/(n/2))
xk(4, 7)
f(x_) := 1/(1 + 25 x^2)
fk(n_) := Table(f(xk(i, n)), {i, 0, n})
ListPlot(for(i = 0, i <= 10, i++, {xk(i, 10), Part(fk(10), i)}))
Plot(fk(xk(x, n), {x, 0, 10})

Has your opinion on Democrats changed since Trump was elected? If so, how then?

My opinion about the Democrats has not changed, the demos are still America's best hope. My opinion on the Republicans and the GOP, however, has changed. I have always thought they are a group of racists, liars, racial baits and hypocrites. But now I know that they are a bunch of racist, lying, unpatriotic hypocrites.

Similar hosts like OVH? | Web Hosting Talk

Similar hosts like OVH? | Web Hosting Talk

& # 39);
var sidebar_align = & right; & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;);
// ->

  1. Similar hosts like OVH?

    Are there any? in the NA region, not in the EU
    At least in the same price range … I'm currently at OVH and have been there for years and wanted to shop at the Black Friday Sale, but things were quickly sold out from their location in Canada

  2. Many hosts with similar prices as OVH, some even have newer / better hardware at cheaper prices. What are you looking for exactly? If DDoS protection is the main thing, then no, not many options.

    ≡ ExtraVM – DDoS protected SSD VPS, game server, NVMe web hosting
    99.95% + operating time | US support | Fast modern hardware
    Dallas, TX (United States of America) | Montreal, CA | London, UK | Singapore | Vint Hill, VA (United States of America) | Gravelines, FR

  3. Well, no DDOS protection is not the main thing, at least not yet
    But looking for something on the order of 4-6 cores, 64GB of RAM and SSD, preferably something with decent single thread performance

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dnd 5e – Can I hurry on myself?

Yes you can

The spell requires only one willing creature within range.

And according to the rules of Charms, you are indeed a willing creature. So if the spell does not explicitly indicate a creature other than yourself, you can hurry (Etc) to yourself.

Targeting yourself

If a spell targets a creature of your choice, you can choose for yourself
unless the creature must be hostile or specifically another creature
than you. When you are in the realm of a spell you are casting, you are
can target himself.

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