sharepoint online – Requests users to enter when a document is uploaded

Background: I was commissioned to use Sharepoint and Microsoft Flow to set up a moderately complex document approval process. I have very little experience with both.

Requirement: I need a way to show users a form when they upload a new file to SharePoint (see below for an example). This form is used to capture the required metadata for the document you are adding. I'm working with a modern SharePoint site, and Sharepoint Designer is not an option because it expires in favor of MS Flow.

Enter image description here

Question: How can this be achieved in Sharepoint?

I spent more time admitting that I was trying to find a solution to this (seemingly) simple problem. I'm pretty new to Sharepoint. So if this is a stupid question, I apologize in advance!

relations – best practice for database model / design

I am looking for guidance / advice on how to best model my data.

Background: I have location information that I would like to model. There are two categories of sites (enterprise sites and non-enterprise sites) because not all sites share the same data elements.

The following two tables represent my current model (without listing all columns).

My thoughts on the current design:

  1. If I combine the following two tables, I must enter values ​​for zero company_codebecause not all locations have one company_code, Because of the large number of different data items, I do not want to add nulls between the two different location types.
  2. The location_company and location are two important concepts in the company. I want tables in the database to represent two of these two concepts.

Enter image description here

I am not sure if this is the best approach. I would be very happy about thoughts on the design. Other thoughts are also welcome.

If my problem is unclear, please ask. I will kindly add clarification. Thank you in advance.

Why is it useful for mining pools to send empty blocks to mining employees in stratum v1?

I read the recently released specifications of Stratum v1 compared to Stratum v2. One of the features is that "it is just as efficient for pools to send complete blocks so miners can start working, like empty blocks." I do not understand why it is efficient for mining pools to send empty blocks with stratum v1 and in which phase of the mining process empty blocks are being sent. So that comes down to two questions:

  1. Why is it efficient for mining pools to send empty blocks using the current stratum protocol?
  2. In which phase of the mining process are they sending empty blocks? Is it when they are waiting for a miner to file a block with a valid job certificate?

Plotting – How can I plot this function?

I try to draw this function without success, any help is more than welcome. The function f contains an integral sum which depends on T, and then the function g is a derivative of the function f
Many thanks.

An = 10^-10;
amu = 1.660539 10^-27 ;                                             
μ = 132.905451/2 amu;
Subscript(N, a) = 6.0221409 10^23;
m = 4 μ;
Subscript(ω, e) = 28.8918*100;
r = 5.3474208 An;
c = 2.99792 10^8;
h = 6.6260755  10^-34;
De = 2722.28*100*h*c;
hbar = h/(2 π);
kb = 1.38064852 10^-23;
R = 8.314511;
λ = (hbar α)^2/(2 μ);
a = μ/(hbar α)^2 De (Exp(2 α r) - 1);
b = 1/2 (1 - Sqrt(
 1 + (8 μ De (Exp(α r) + 1)^2)/(hbar α)^2));
Subscript(k, 1) = a/b - b/2;
v = 207;
Subscript(k, 2) = a/(v + 1 + b) - (v + 1 + b)/2;
Subscript(A,1) = -π c Subscript(ω, e) r Sqrt((2 μ)/De)
Exp(-π c Subscript(ω, e) r Sqrt((2 μ)/De));
α = π c Subscript(ω, e) Sqrt((2 μ)/De) + 1/r (1 - Log(1 + Log(1 + Subscript(A, 1)))/(2 + Log(1 + Subscript(A, 1)))) Log(1 + Subscript(A, 1));
 f(T_) := 2 Sum(
 Exp(-(1/(kb T)) (De - λ (a/(x + b) - (x + b)/2)^2)) Cos(
   2 π i x), {x, 0, v + 1}, Method -> "LocalAdaptive"), {i, 1,
 g(T_) := kb T^2 D(Log(f(T)), T);  
Plot(g(T), {T, 0, 100})

What exactly makes Andrew Vindmon a hero or a patriot? He served in the military? So did Timothy McVeigh and Michael Flynn and a few?

Maybe you should put that on a shirt and wear it on the day of remembrance?

What exactly makes you a hero or a patriot? YOU served in the military? So did Timothy McVeigh and Michael Flynn and a few?

Other people … who cares?

Real heroes have bone spores!

USA 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸

dnd 5e – Is it a magical attack to attack with an improvised weapon and a magical object?

To perform a "magic attack", you must fulfill one of the following three conditions:

… a magical attack is an attack triggered by a spell, a magical objector another magical source

An improvised item may be a magical item, but not necessarily a magical weapon. Jeremy Crawford has explained:

A magic shield is not a magic weapon, unless the text says otherwise.

That does not say anything about whether or not you're a magical "improvised" weapon. It may be the same for him, but it's either unofficial or RAI at best.

The PHB describes an improvised weapon as follows:

Sometimes characters do not have their weapons and have to attack with them whatever is at hand, Contains an improvised weapon any object You can trade with one or two hands like broken glass, a table leg, a frying pan, a cartwheel, or a dead goblin.

A set of sender stones in the hand would match the improvised part of it. Sending stones that are used to punch someone in the head is the same as normal rock. Would that be a magic attack? Yes, based on the description of the magical attacks described above. Mailing stones are a magical item and can be improvised.

Note: Send Stones are used as an example and there are many other magical items that could be used.

Flash – USB-C to Ethernet adapter on Mac with jumbo frames

I have to work with a scientific camera and capture images over Ethernet on a MacBook Pro 2019 with 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports.

I have a USB-C to Ethernet adapter and need to enable jumbo frames (9000-byte MTU), but with USB-C this does not seem to be possible, unlike Thunderbolt 3.

I can not find an adapter to convert Thunderbolt 3 to Ethernet.

Any solution?