satisfiability – Solving largely monotone SAT formulas

I just wonder if solving largely monotone SAT formulas (meaning most clauses do not contain negated literals, but some do) is in any way easier than general SAT formulas? In other words, are there heuristics specially designed for solving such formulas that are not applicable to more general SAT problems? I tried but didn’t find any research in this particular direction.

Of course, what is considered “most” is up to interpretation, but let’s say >95% of the causes are monotone.

white hat – Could bug bounty hunting accidentally cause real damage?

Can bounty hunting cause real damage?

Sure. As you pointed out, some attempts at SQL injections may inadvertently cause data deletion. Similarly, a persistent XSS attack may affect other real users. Or unexpected characters in a username may crash a web application backend due to an unrecoverable error.

More generally, a large part of black box pentesting involves experimenting with unexpected/invalid input to the target application. There is usually some level of fuzzing which always carries a risk of causing behavior that breaks the application or corrupts data. So, while blindly trying out DELETE queries may be reckless and is certainly avoidable, you’ll have to expect that even benign bug hunting occasionally impacts service integrity or availability.

Did a bounty hunter ever cause actual damage?

This report is an example of where the researcher caused a DOS by submitting invalid data. I’m entirely sure there are more severe examples, many of which simply weren’t made public.

How do bug bounty programs manage this risk?

  • A testing environment. While some bug bounties assume you’re testing against production, many provide a separate sandbox and only allow you to test there. E.g., the program of Bitmex includes the rule:

    Only test on

  • A “responsible research” policy which asks that hunters make an effort to avoid damage. E.g., Facebook’s program demands:

    You make a good faith effort to avoid privacy violations and disruptions to others, including (but not limited to) unauthorized access to or destruction of data, and interruption or degradation of our services. You must not intentionally violate any applicable laws or regulations, including (but not limited to) laws and regulations prohibiting the unauthorized access to data.

  • An emergency contact point. Some providers instruct hunters how to notify them immediately if their actions caused service disruption. From the program of Exodus:

    If you do accidentally cause some noticeable interruption of service, please immediately email us so we can handle it accordingly and please include the subject title “HackerOne Outage: ” for the alert to trigger.

In return, many program policies come with a safe harbor clause. This is intended to protect hunters from liability if they act in good faith, even if their actions caused damage. Since IANAL, I can’t comment on the effectiveness of such a policy, but it’s an established practice. Here is an example of a safe harbor clause in the program of Dropbox:

We will not pursue civil action or initiate a complaint to law enforcement for accidental, good faith violations of this policy. We consider activities conducted consistent with this policy to constitute “authorized” conduct under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. To the extent your activities are inconsistent with certain restrictions in our Acceptable Use Policy, we waive those restrictions for the limited purpose of permitting security research under this policy. We will not bring a DMCA claim against you for circumventing the technological measures we have used to protect the applications in scope.

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Working on Digital Marketing Tool

Hello All,

Me and my team is creating a tool for Digital Marketing Work management.
My question is for SEO Agents and of course people who hiring SEO Agents.

1. Separate reports for rankings, SEO works, improvements, site fixes etc., Or Consolidated reports in Single file? What would you prefer?

2. Would you like the details of works you have done for the improvement branding and keywords to be included in the reports? If yes, should it be more elaborated like the backlink, content and keywords targeted, etc? Or just an the link is enough?

3. How difficult it is for the SEO agents to prove that what they do as a regular work improves or make an impact on the client’s project? Because client may not simply just believe in with improvements on traffic and conversion. Will it be good to add the summary of works you have done in the reports along with the improvements or decline in the keyword ranking or traffic?

I have few more questions but will add them later based on the responses for the above questions.

Thanks and waiting for your valuable answers.
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5 approaches to incorporate biometric verification in businesses.

1- Know your customers
An organization aims to offer tailored offerings to improve customer loyalty and experience. This is achieved by requiring such details on consumer wishes, prior reports, and actions. To increase a customer’s experience, access to reliable customer data is required. Biometrics technology is therefore used to monitor and authenticate clients, which is impossible to replicate, depending on their specific characteristics.

2- Time & Assistance
Time is income for corporations and makes working hours efficient with the second of an employee. Some organizations already use a biometric soft clock to mark workers’ engagement and figure out when they arrive and leave the workplace. It is an efficient means of taking time, reducing payroll mistakes, and improving employee morale.

3- Control of the workforce
For organizations to conform to a variety of domestic and external policies, consistency of employee data is required and a biometric workforce monitoring system could be suitable for them. Any corporation can reliably retain population records, distinguish skilled, semi-skilled, or non-trained workers and promote change management by using such solutions.

4- Management for Tourists
Who really needs to use the LogBook for guest management? There are simple ways to obtain data from tourists and give them access to a system. Visitors may be classified using biometric technologies on the basis of their distinctive characteristics. With biometric data, tourists can be checked to gather demographic data and send digital badges that can be shown during their stay at any time.

5- Identification of Patients
To develop the medical and healthcare sector, biometric technology is being used. To deter identity fraud and data attacks from identity verification, the Know Your Patient (KYP) legislation is mandatory for healthcare industries to be carried out. It helps classify a patient correctly and view their medical records and demographic data safely. Biometric technology means that medical records are not duplicated and guarantees that patients’ medical information is secure.


Are there any web hosting provider which charges no more than $20 for a whole year’s hosting? | Proxies-free

Of course, there are such things. There are a lot of hosting options that will not even exceed $5 but whether to use them is the question.I would advise you to start looking at all the webhosting deals that you can find and choose the one that is the most profitable. It all depends on what kind of hosting you need and why.I was looking for options for my online store and found it in an hour somewhere. You can search for a little longer, but for that, you will be sure of the quality of your hosting. It is very important to find the best possible options, as it then depends on whether your site is good or not.

How To Find And Hire Healthcare App Developers

Remote hiring of software developers for healthcare software solutions is becoming pervasive with every passing day. With the increasing demand of offshore mobile software development in the healthcare industry, the remote software developer salary is consistently rising up in the entire global marketplace. Read our latest guide on how to hire healthcare app development company for your startup and save money.

How to reload an interactively run Python script from inside the REPL

I am aware that I can run a Python script using -i flag. From the man page:

-i When a script is passed as first argument or the -c option is used, enter interactive mode after executing the script or the command.

For as:

def foo():

If I run python3 -i in the terminal, then in the IDLE, I can access foo. However, if I update, there is no way the changes would be reflected. How can I reload (or, even better hot-reload) without having to exit the IDLE?

How to save SharePoint Site Page as PDF and save PDF to document library

I would like to know if it is possible to automate the process of saving a SharePoint site page as a pdf and then saving this pdf into a document library. Currently to do this I have to print the page (ctrl+p) and choose the option to save as pdf. Then once saved to my pc I upload the pdf file to the document library. Is it possible to have a webpart or button on the site page, which automatically does this for me using custom code?