encryption – iPad Attempting 10,000+ HTTP Requests within 5 Minutes

encryption – iPad Attempting 10,000+ HTTP Requests within 5 Minutes – Ask Different

presentation – How to best present alternative ways to write a piece of code (in a slideshow)?

I’m working on a ‘slideshow’-type presentation (e.g. using LO Impress) which involves me showing people different alternatives for writing some pieces of software code.

We’re not talking about large pieces: Some of the changes I suggest are alternative formulations of individual lines; others involve transforming blocks or loops of several lines; and the largest ones are still under 20 lines or so.

I’m wondering about essentially all aspects of doing this:

  • Whether to put “option 1” vs “option 2” on the same slide, or on separate slides

  • Whether changes should be made by:

    • me deleting words and writing in new ones, or
    • switching to the next slide
    • automated animation effects (like fades or wipes or a pen striking out text)
  • How much change to allow between consecutive slides: Many transitions with tiny self-explanatory changes, or fewer transitions where you tell the audience roughly what happened

  • Whether I should even use the presentation software for the actual code, or perhaps switch to an editor, IDE or diff tool between pre-created files

  • Choices of color scheme, font size (too small = difficult to read, too big = few lines on the slide, need to memorize), inter-line spacing, margins etc – for maximizing readability.

So, my bottom-like question is: What have you found works well, or works poorly when presenting alternative pieces of code, or necessary transitions on existing code?

Note: The audience can assumed to be coders of various degrees of proficiency.

magento2 – Magento 2.4 B2B – How to disable buy action and allow quotes?

You won’t need custom code for it, you might be able to disable your checkout via the admin panel in the configuration below.

Disabling checkout

Admin > Stores > Settings > Configuration > Sales > Checkout > Checkout Options

Magento 2 disabling checkout options

It will make the checkout unaccessible, the call to action to go to the checkout option disappear.

Magento 2 checkout unaccessible

To enable the B2B capabilities, you might have the Magento B2B module installed then you can enable it, allow quotes and add your customer to a company account.

android – Flutter Navigator “tipo de argumento ‘Context’ não pode ser atribuído ao tipo de parâmetro ‘BuildContext’”

Estou tentando navegar para uma outra pagina no flutter, sendo assim eu inseir a linha:

Navigator.push(context, MaterialPageRoute(builder: (context) => LoginPage()));

porem o context da esse erro:

The argument type ‘JsObject’ can’t be assigned to the parameter type ‘BuildContext’.

alguem ai poderia ter uma solução?

beginner – Is it wrong to split this function into two?

I wrote this module to find the Hamming distance between two strings. (It’s a problem from exercism.io‘s Haskell track.)

As I saw it, the problem has two distinct parts: check if the length of the two strings are equal (if not return Nothing), and recursive pattern matching on equal-length strings.

Since my score is a monad (Maybe), I didn’t know how to implement the recursive adding without dealing with the Nothing case, so I broke it off into a separate function using a simple Int type.

GHC raises warning: (-Wincomplete-patterns) since my pattern matching in the helper function is incomplete. So:

  1. Is it bad practice to ignore this warning?
  2. Would it be better to implement the recursive part on the Maybe?
  3. Is there a better way to solve this problem?

I’m very new to Haskell, all help appreciated.

module Hamming (distance) where

distance :: String -> String -> Maybe Int
distance a b
  | length a /= length b = Nothing
  | otherwise = Just $ getDistance a b

getDistance :: String -> String -> Int
getDistance () () = 0
getDistance (x) (y) = if x == y then 0 else 1
getDistance (x : xs) (y : ys) = getDistance (x) (y) + getDistance xs ys

mysql – Realizar una vista con datos de una misma tabla

Hola estaba realizando una vista pero no encuentro la forma de realizarla les muestro lo que tengo tengo 3 tablas

tabla 1 transaction_log
tabla 1

tabla 2 transfer
Tabla 2

tabla 3 estado
tabla 3

realizo la siguiente vista:

select transaction_logs.transfer_id, transaction_logs.state_id,states.state,transaction_logs.created_at, transfers.branchDestiny_id,transfers.branchOrigin_id from transaction_logs inner join transfers on transfers.id = transaction_logs.transfer_id inner join states on states.id= transaction_logs.state_id where transaction_logs.state_id in(3,6) and transfers.branchDestiny_id=4 order by transaction_logs.transfer_id desc;

y me arroja este resultado

resultado de query

el asunto es que como ven en transfer id hay 2 iguales pero el state es distinto y el create_at es distinto, el asunto es que quiero sacar la diferencia de tiempo de ver cuanto dura de pasar de state “alisto realizado” a “Recibido”

germany – Long term Car rental in Europe

There is a question here about Car buying vs. long term rentals as it relates to the US.

Recently I’ve driven through Europe renting a car in Frankfurt for about 21 days from Sixt and I was wondering if there was a better option to do long term rentals like this in Frankfurt or any other major hubs in Europe so I don’t need to pay for the car at a daily rate?

If it’s too broad I am perfectly happy limiting this to Germany.

P.S. I’ve checked my usual go to services like Turo and Toyota Rentals and they don’t seem to be available in Germany.

wi fi – How do I make Android 11 stop removing a Wi-Fi certificate?

I’m using a Google Pixel 3a. A week ago, it was connecting all well to the corporate Wi-Fi which uses WPA Enterprise, but recently, it stopped.

In order to connect, I do the following:

  1. Download the ca.pem file containing the CA certificate and the .p12 file containing the device certificate.
  2. Install both CA and device certificates through SecurityEncryption & credentialsInstall a certificateWi-Fi certificate.
  3. Configure the Wi-Fi to use those certificates.
  4. EAP method being set to TLS, just as before.

As soon as I try to connect, it fails with no error message or details, and the CA certificate gets removed. The behavior is the same no matter what I set in Online certificate status field (including “Do not validate” value that I can still use).

How can I get back my Wi-Fi access?

riemannian geometry – Intersection of minimal and CMC surfaces

Let $(M,g)$ be a complete and oriented Riemannian 3-manifold without boundary. Given $Sigma_1$ and $Sigma_2$ closed surfaces embedded in $M$, where the former is minimal and the latter has CMC $H > 0$, is there a “structure theorem” for the intersection $Sigma_1 cap Sigma_2$? By this I mean a detailed description of the intersection.

If both surfaces are minimal and $p$ is a point of tangency, then Theorem 4.3 in these notes
by Chodosh and Mantoulidis give a precise description.

The situation I am interested in is when $Sigma_2$ is a CMC surface in the round sphere $mathbb{S}^3$ and $Sigma_1$ is an equator.

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