dnd 5e – What Regional effects are present in the Tomb of Diderius (Rise of Tiamat)?

In Episode 3 of Rise of Tiamat, the players enter the Tomb of Diderius. Diderius has become a

mummy lord,

and as such his lair (the Tomb) should show this legendary monster’s Regional Effects (enumerations and emphasis mine):

A mummy lord’s temple or tomb is warped in any of the following ways by the creature’s dark presence: (1) Food instantly molders and water instantly evaporates when brought into the lair. Other nonmagical drinks are spoiled—wine turning to vinegar, for instance. (2) Divination spells cast within the lair by creatures other than the mummy lord have a 25 percent chance to provide misleading results, as determined by the DM. If a divination spell already has a chance to fail or become unreliable when cast multiple times, that chance increases by 25 percent. (3) A creature that takes treasure from the lair is cursed until the treasure is returned. The cursed target has disadvantage on all saving throws. The curse lasts until removed by a remove curse spell or other magic.

However, Diderius is special in that:

When Diderius died, those who honored him in life transformed him into a special mummy lord whose magic pervades his tomb. Since Diderius is neutral rather than evil, the area lacks dark magic common to other mummy-lord tombs.

This might lead us to believe that none of the standard Regional Effects for a legendary monster of his type are actually in play while in the Tomb. Nevertheless, as areas 5 and 12 explicitly state

The well holds water still, but the regional effects Diderius imposes on his lair causes it to evaporate within a few rounds of being hauled up into this area.

so at least one of the Regional Effects in fact still operates.

How do we know whether the other Regional Effects are

dark magic?

How do we know whether the other Regional Effects apply in the Tomb?

MacOS Finder Status Bar – Ask Different

I think this is something that’s got forgotten about over the years. It’s ‘interactive’ but not really in a good way.

If you disable the Toolbar, this also disables the Sidebar & pushes the Status Bar to the top. Whilst set like this, View Sidebar is greyed out.

enter image description here

Re-enabling the Toolbar drops it back to the bottom & brings back the Sidebar if it was previously enabled.

enter image description here

Pictures from Mojave, but it’s been this way for years.

I just realised, you appear to have managed a hybrid. You have the Sidebar but not the Toolbar. I cannot repro this on Big Sur, Mojave or El Capitan.

How can i solve this using array in c?

How can i solve this using array in c? – Software Engineering Stack Exchange

magento2 – Best way to do this?

I’ve been racking my brains for a long time trying to think of the best most efficient way to solve the following problem.

Basically I have a set of questions which I’m looping through in the following way

// create array called $questionSets;

//loop through each question
  // get each answer from collection where the questionId matches the current question id

  // loop through each answer in the collection
    // add a new array to $questionSets array, which contains the current question title, as well as answer etc.

what I'm looking for, is to have something the following as a final array

Answer Sets Array [
  'set1' = [
    'this is the 1st question', 'this is the 1st answer given',
    'this is the 2nd question', 'this is the 2nd answer given'
  'set2' = [
    'this is the first question', 'this is the 1st answer given',
    'this is the first question', 'this is the 2nd answer given'

etc etc...

I'm just not sure of the best to approach to this one. I know it's probably a lot more simple than I'm thinking it will be, but I have spent a ton of time on this already and can't see the woods for the trees any more, lol :D 
any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys!

node.js – TDD com Jest e sequelize – Erro na migration do POSTGRES para o SQLITE

Estou implementando TDD com Jest em uma aplicação node com express, meu banco de dados é o POSTGRES e tenho várias migrations do sequelize já configuradas, e para os meus cenários de teste eu estou executando essas mesmas migrations com o dialeto do SQLITE. O problema é que em um desses arquivos de migração eu executo uma instrução para deletar um ENUM no postgres:

queryInterface.sequelize.query('DROP TYPE IF EXISTS "enum_user_role";');

E com isso eu estou ganhando o seguinte erro ao executar a instrução “NODE_ENV=test sequelize db:migrate”:

ERROR: SQLITE_ERROR: near "TYPE": syntax error

Essa instrução não existe no SQLITE, portanto, como posso resolver esse problema nos meus testes unitários sem afetar as migrations do meu bando postgres de produção?

Alguém já passou por isso?

c# – ThrottledStream – Code Review Stack Exchange

Need a ThrottledStream for a project, created the following class (still not tested), wouldn’t mind some opinions on the code and suggestions on how it can be improved:

public class ThrottledStream : Stream
    private const int OneSecond = 1000; // 1000 milliseconds
    private readonly Stream _baseStream;
    private static readonly Stopwatch Stopwatch = new();

    public ThrottledStream(Stream stream) => _baseStream = stream;

    public int MaxBytesPerSecond { get; set; }

    public override bool CanRead => _baseStream.CanRead;

    public override bool CanSeek => _baseStream.CanSeek;

    public override bool CanWrite => _baseStream.CanWrite;

    public override long Length => _baseStream.Length;

    public override long Position
        get => _baseStream.Position;
        set => _baseStream.Position = value;

    public override void Flush() => _baseStream.Flush();

    public override int Read(byte() buffer, int offset, int count)
        var readBytes = 0;

        while (readBytes != count)
            var newOffset = readBytes + offset;
            var bytesToRead = count - readBytes > MaxBytesPerSecond ? MaxBytesPerSecond : count - readBytes;

            var throttledReadBytes = Throttle(() => _baseStream.Read(buffer, newOffset, bytesToRead));

            if (throttledReadBytes == 0) // Reached end of stream
                return readBytes;

            readBytes += throttledReadBytes;

        return readBytes;

    public override long Seek(long offset, SeekOrigin origin) => _baseStream.Seek(offset, origin);

    public override void SetLength(long value) => _baseStream.SetLength(value);

    public override void Write(byte() buffer, int offset, int count)
        var writtenBytes = 0;

        while (writtenBytes != count)
            var newOffset = writtenBytes + offset;
            var bytesToWrite = count - writtenBytes > MaxBytesPerSecond ? MaxBytesPerSecond : count - writtenBytes;

            Throttle(() =>
                _baseStream.Write(buffer, newOffset, bytesToWrite);
                return true;

            writtenBytes += bytesToWrite;

    private static T Throttle<T>(Func<T> func)
        var start = GetElapsedMilliseconds();
        var result = func.Invoke();
        var finish = GetElapsedMilliseconds();

        var timeToSleep = OneSecond - (finish - start);

        if (timeToSleep > 0)
            Thread.Sleep((int) timeToSleep);

        return result;
    private static long GetElapsedMilliseconds()
        if (!Stopwatch.IsRunning)

        return Stopwatch.ElapsedMilliseconds;

8 – Post a message to social sites when the new node is created

I would like to automatically send a post to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn when a new node is created. I have gone through many and many of the contributed modules but none of them fulfilled my requirement.

I tried “Social Post Twitter” which does the same thing and with the help of Rules, we can make a tweet, However, there is some issue with this module and it’s not stable for now.

Can anyone tell me how this can be achieved in Drupal 8?

Any help would be appreciated.


Tengo problemas con un reporte que consiste en cargar una base de datos con:

  • Una columna Tipo de producto dentro de la cual puede ser juguetes, perfumes, deportivas.
  • Otra columna con fechas
  • Y otra columna con ventas

He creado una Medida llamada Ranking la cual clasifica por ventas el tipo de producto y otra medida calculando su percentil.

El problema viene cuando veo que ese ranking no tiene en cuenta el filtro de tipo de producto y me calcula el ranking y el percentil sobre toda la base de datos.

¿Cómo podría solucionarlo?


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