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Beginning: 9th February 2019

30 hours. club



30hours.club is a long-term, stable and profitable investment company. We currently have a number of profitable areas, such as foreign exchange trading, stock exchange trading, trading in cryptocurrency markets and investing in various funds and activities.
The profits from these investments will be used to improve our program and enhance its long-term stability. Our highly skilled and talented merchant team, with unique tactics and strategies based on invaluable experience, can ensure that your money will work for you under your competent and careful management. Come with us!

Investment plan:

5% profit per hour for 30 hours
7% profit per hour for 30 hours
9% profit per hour for 30 hours
12% profit per hour for 30 hours

Min / Max deposit: $ 2 / $ 10,000

refferal: Up to 10%

Numbers. systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, Ethereum, Bicoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin

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