300+ PA-DA Very very high quality sites I m new here & Details in description for $120

300+ PA-DA Very very high quality sites I m new here & Details in description

50+60+70+80+90+ a few 100+ High Quality white hat PA-DA Backlinks!

At first I want to say that I’m new here but I’m not new for Link building. Honestly I have 7+ years working experience on Linkbulding. I have no company or team. Every single work or project I do manually by own hand. One things I’ve noticed someone’s providing 100 links or 200 links only for $5 or $10 but really I don’t know how it’s possible and how can they do that. But always I need minimum 10 hrs to finish 100 links and 30+ hrs to 300 links because I do every links manually for example:-

step1- Register sites by first name, last name, email and username

step2- Verify conformation email to check email inbox

step3- Add compnay information like Company-business name/Title, logo, description, website url and company-business social profiles ( Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn etc if company have ) Check screenshot :-

It’s normally takes 5-7 min to create every single site/profile. So I can’t guess peoples how can provide 100 links only for $5. For

Anyway come to the point

I’m really manual worker and I really don’t know or don’t have any Blackhat methods for that I can’t do 100 links only for $5. my original charge is $5.56 per hr but I’n here as new I can do $3.33 per hr. So If I do 100 links for 10hrs ( $30 )

All high quality DA-PA links with diffract categories

1) Mega Sites

2) Magazine/News Sites

3) Website builders/web2.0

4) Blogging /Journal Sites

5) Company/Business sites

6) Video/Image/Audio Sharing sites

7) Social Media/Bookmarking Sites

8) Forum/Community/Games/Edu Sites

9) QA Sites

10) Profile Sites

11) Miscellaneous Sites

12) Super Links

13) Bonus Links for every order

N.B: If you want you can message me before ordering and I can give you some sample links. And for the delivery I do work 7-8 hrs every day. If I already have project in my hand then your order will be star when finish the running one. But Normally I can delivery 100 links in 2- days and 300 links 5-10 days.

Cheers and Happy New Year!